Thursday, June 7, 2007

We have been busy little beavers in this house. The bathroom is finished, praise God! Homeschool is almost done, although we will actually continue schooling through the summer. We've had lots of little events, some miracles, and lots of blessings going on.

I guess the event I should cover first occurred on May 20th. I had my booth set up at our town's festival and all was going well. I had my son, Danny, with me, and he was having a blast playing with another child. I heard a loud sound and lots of screaming all at once, and when I got up, I saw Danny in the middle of the road, lying in the fetal position. I got to him first and checked him out... he was unconscious, totally unresponsive. It was horrible, absolutely horrible. He had taken the brunt of the collision on his face, and his legs had been run over. Those were the facts, but I've been learning that Truth trumps facts. The Bible proclaims that his healing was already paid for, and that God desires that we walk in health! After I did the quick head to toe check and swept broken tooth particles out of his mouth, I laid hands on him and prayed. I prayed in the Spirit first, then I prayed out loud, proclaiming health and wholeness over this child who Loves his Jesus... I knew that I knew at that time that he would be completely fine! Within a minute he started to regain consciousness (unconscious for about 2-3 minutes total.) In the ambulance, facts said that he couldn't move his eyes to the right, but Truth said that he was healed and whole. During the ride, he called out to me and asked me to pray with him. I took a knee by his side and asked if he wanted to pray or he wanted me to, and he said he wanted me to. so I did - I proclaimed the Word of God over my son, and thanked Him for healing him. We prayed for peace and for comfort over everyone involved, and for joy to shine through. When we got to the ER, they moved him straight into the resuscitation room (trauma room.) He had xrays of his head, neck and chest (for some reason they did not feel it necessary to xray his legs.) They also did a CAT (or was it CT?) scan on his head. The miracle is this: No broken bones, other than a broken tooth, no internal bleeding, no intracranial bleeding. He stayed in the hospital overnight and the next day to get him through the effects of the concussion.

End of the story: Danny is doing great. He has to go back to the dentist in a few weeks to have his tooth fixed, but most of the scabs have already come off of his face and legs. I have a few pictures of him in the ER that I was thinking about posting, but I think that's just too much to have to see unless you're absolutely ready for it We have our own personal issues about how the town police handled the accident, but like I said, they are our own issues and I don't need to vent them here. We think often about the woman who hit him and pray that she is doing well. We know that she probably could not have avoided hitting him, because he didn't see her coming. I thank God that it was a festival setting and she couldn't drive very fast through the crowd! I can't imagine what higher speed would have done. We pray for peace and blessing over her and her whole family, with all of our hearts!

There were alot of awesome people at the festival who, once they found out it was Danny who had been hit, sent presents to him. For example, one of the vendors was selling these puppet dragons. Danny mastered the working of them, and went over there OFTEN (bless their hearts for humoring him!) to play with the demo puppet. It was great - he wanted one so badly... Anyway, when they found out it was him that had been hit, they sent one of the large dragon puppets to him. He had it in the hospital and it really encouraged him whenever he was awake. Another vendor had jars with sand art in them, and Danny had planned to go get one of those as well. They sent him a beautiful sand art jar which Danny now has in the china closet to keep it safe from littler hands. The mom of the little boy he had been playing with came to the ER and brought him a bag of gifts and a card. The vendors in the booth next to mine, GREAT PEOPLE, took over my booth and ran it until my husband and son got there to break it down. I will find their website URL and post it, because they really had some beautiful pottery. She also offers classes for children!

Our other time-consuming event, rather, ongoing project, is the garden. This year we planted a garden out back! We are using the square foot gardening approach, except that I didn't really measure. Next year I will... Each of the kids has a 4'x4' garden plot in which they have planted whatever veggies their little hearts desired. Lydia also has zinnias in hers :) we have 18 of those plots altogether, plus a row of zinnias and a row of sunflowers (paired with pole beans) at the north end. It is such a joy to watch things grow, pull obvious weeds, wait for seedlings to appear, etc. The kids are taking it seriously (but not obsessing) and are totally enjoying this project! Personally, I can't wait for the fresh veggies that I won't have to pay an arm and a leg for!!!

I have been working on jewelry, and selling it :) I have been in one festival so far this year, and look forward to doing more. I have not been able to get any more work done on the website, and as it is I need to swap out photographs of pieces, since so many have sold. That is a project for this week! I am hoping to get a lightbox so I can take better photographs of each item, and I want to get more of the non-jewelry handcrafts represented on the site. Lots of work to do... I'm breaking into a sweat thinking about it! Too funny!

There has been much more, but this is obviously longer than any blog post has a right to be. I will try not to stay away so long... Until next time, blessings to YOU!