Thursday, September 30, 2010

What a Ride...

I've been on a really wild ride lately.
I am finally coming through!
I love it that darkness cannot abide the Light, and that God's thoughts and plans toward me are for a future and a hope. I really love that!

We have moved, after losing our home to foreclosure, and we are definitely in a new season. This has been severely humbling, and yet amazingly enlightening. I feel like ten thousand pounds of weight has been lifted off of me!

God has refreshed a vision in my heart, a dream of ministry. I had backed off from my dreams when my son had cancer, and when our precious little friend died, and when I was in so much pain for so long that I could barely move. When you back off of your dreams, they shrivel up and die. When I realized that I had let that happen, of course I wanted to shrivel up and die... but God has re-energized me. How can I possibly thank Him enough for that?

I have several dreams. Closest to my heart is to worship Him in song and bring others along for the ride... next is to begin a mentoring ministry within the Body of Christ. Teaching the younger women what just isn't being taught anymore: How to become intimate with God and build a successful home and family. I am finally stepping out in this, knowing full well that I am not the master of it all, but pulling together resources and starting on lesson plans. I am very excited about the potential here and look forward very much to seeing what God will do when I let go of myself and allow Him to work.