Friday, March 28, 2008

I Am Sick of Being Sick!

I don't think I have spent such a huge chunk of my life being sick as I have this winter. With very few breaks during this time, I have been down since Sept/Oct. ENOUGH!!! I know that I have been healed; it is time for my body to get the message!

On the family front, we just got back from visiting my daughter out in Cincinnati. We celebrated her and her twin's 25th birthday. Amazing... We played alot, probably more than we should have, but it was a glorious time.

During this visit, we went to the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum in Kentucky. Wow, what an awesome place! I plan to go again, and this time take every opportunity to sit in front of each display and learn. It was wonderful, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ was presented at every turn. Powerful stuff!

I have had a few new additions to my crafting family this year... One addition is a floor loom (which I have probably already mentioned here.) I have woven rugs and table runners so far, and it is wonderful! The second addition is a spinning wheel. I have wanted one for quite a while, but they are expensive and can take up alot of room. I got a Louet s10, a more modern looking wheel with a really small footprint and double treadles. It came the day before we left for Ohio, so I have only gotten to spin a few ounces of fiber, but it is GREAT!

On the house front, Pat just poured a front step for our porch yesterday. It is lovely. I hired my brother to install the ceiling sheetrock downstairs so I can finally have a dedicated classroom, family room, and game area. I think he is done, but Jon needs to move some stuff so the drywall can be put up around the ductwork. I'm fine with it being left open, but whatever... The point is, I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and for once it is NOT an oncoming train! I hope to have the classroom painted this weekend. ~praying~

Off to do some dishes and get ready for our Easter dinner, which we will hold tomorrow since we were traveling Easter Day. Blessings, y'all!