Monday, January 29, 2007

Major Victory! Redux

Hmmmmm... Somehow my entry posted twice. What's up with that? LOL...

My husband and kids have been fantastic to me, allowing me to rest up after this weekend's episode. I'm still sore and tired, my chest is somewhat uncomfortable, and unfortunately I threw my back out today (UGH) loading the washing machine. The nurse at my doctor's office told me I couldn't take anything for it because I am on prednisone for the anaphylaxis. She also advised me not to take benadryl for the hives since I had that bigemini episode in the ER... She was supposed to consult the doctor and called me back, but alas, no call. So I am taking it easy, watching movies, trying not to be grumpy. Trying REALLY HARD. Doing okay at it, too. I am so glad that we have been told in the Bible that we have the ability and directive to take every thought captive! Thank God! That means that not only is it desirable, it is totally possible. I have the ability to measure every thought against the Word and Will of God and see whether it is worth pursuit. If not, pitch it! I pray for the wisdom to do this on a regular basis...

Something I am really working on/dealing with: I KNOW that I have authority over my body, thanks to the blood and suffering of my precious Jesus. At times I remember this and take authority over the symptoms or pain, and they go away. At other times I fail to even consider the precious price paid for my healing, and I suffer. WHY????

Major Victory!

Several years ago, my children managed to destroy my viola, one that I've had since my twins were young and learning to play. At least I thought it was destroyed. The bridge was not only broken, but gone; strings were busted and I thought the tailpiece was broken. The finish was damaged, and on and on... so I had, with many tears, packed it up in its case and buried it in the basement, thinking I would face it sometime when it stopped hurting my feelings so badly.

I guess that time came, because I was at a music store and found a bridge for it. It's not exactly the right size, but really close. I figured it would not hurt anything to try it. I got the bridge and a new set of strings and today I fixed my viola! It sounds so good! I don't necessarily sound so good, but after a few days I will again. I'd love to be able to add it as a highlight in our worship, both at home and at church.

One day I will get a really nice bow.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oh, What a Night...

I ended up in the ER last night. Apparently I had an anaphylactic reaction to some nuts I was eating...

It was a wonderful day yesterday. My friend is getting married in April and we were looking for bridal party dresses. We had a fantastic time together - us, her two daughters, and another precious friend from church. On the way home, the other lady and I were talking about healing, and how God heals us in different ways. Sometimes He tells us something He wants us to do in order to facilitate the healing, as when Naman was told to dip in the river, and she feels strongly that God has told her that laughter will bring her healing. Now, I'm not talking about cultish, frantic laughing that I've heard about, but laughter, as in "a merry heart works like medicine to the bones." She has a hard time alowing herself to laugh even when the whole crowd is enjoying something funny, because it has caused fits of coughing, and it frightens her.

While we were discussing the issue, I was snacking on a nut mix. Don't you know, I started to feel my chest and throat starting to react as we were talking. It was just like when I had the reaction to the crab legs in June. I had very strong pressure around my chest and up my neck/throat and face and around my head, and I was starting to tingle severely, as though I had hyperventillated (but it was obvious that I had not.) I made myself stay calm and kept driving for as long as I could. I rebuked it outright, and even had my dear sisters lay hands on me and pray. It was not letting up, though, so we ended up stopping at the emergency room. I was so miserable, but I had no doubt that I was going to be okay.

The nurse got an IV started right off, and the doctor had him administer benadryl, epinepherine, solu-medrol. As he was administering the benadryl, I suddenly could taste it (YUCK). I mentioned it, and he said no one had complained to him about that before. Then an awful sensation went down my neck, and when it hit my chest, my heart began to beat improperly. Truth: I was frightened. It felt like my heart was trying to jump out of my chest. The doctor later told me that this pattern of arrhythmia was called "bi-Gemini" (may not be spelled correctly.) Basically, I was throwing a PVC every other heartbeat. It lasted almost two minutes - a very LONG two minutes - and subsided. The very best part, though. My mom had come to the ER to sit with me. When she saw me going into crisis, she grabbed my hand and prayed for healing over me.

I have never heard my mom pray before. I LOVED IT. I will never forget it. Ever.

Over the next two hours I got much better. I had a ton of epinepherine and steroids in me. The nurse came in and told me that he went back to the books and double-checked the administration recommendations for benadryl by IV. He had delivered it as they recommended, probably on the one-minute side of the one-to-two minutes recommended. He said that he asked around, and one other nurse said she had seen it happen like that one other time and has since changed her delivery method so that it is administered over five minutes. He said he would do the same, and he recommended that if I ever have to have it done that way again, to be sure and let them know about this episode. He gave me a printout of my monitor strip to give to my doctor so that he is aware as well.

I am fine today. Rather sore in my chest and neck, and really tired, but I am fine.

Church was wonderful this morning. I took my guitar and have begun playing and singing with the praise team again. I NEED to be there... God gave a hard-of-hearing child the gift of music and she needs to use it!!! I also made a sign for the pastor out of oak, and I got to give it to him. They polyurethane was still slightly tacky, and still STUNK to high heaven, but my heart was in it.

I am blessed!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I went to Weight Watchers meeting tonight and was very happy to see that I lost 3.2 pounds this week. WooHooooo! Last week I had my follow-up with my surgeon and he released me to start exercising again, and I think that has made the difference. I had been sitting at a plateau for weeks on end. Thank God I've broken through! WooHooo, again!

Monday, January 22, 2007

A Feast Fit for a King

I have been working on making a plaque for our church, so tonight my husband offered to make dinner and let me keep working. The kids decided to set up a "cafe" in the livingroom and let dad and Zack be the kitchen help. Danny and Stephen decided to go all out - they even made menus!

Danny: Dad, what's on the menu for tonight?
Dad: Spaghetti.
Danny: That's not enough, what else are we offering?
Dad: Well, I'm not sure.
Danny: Mommy said there's french fries in the freezer.
Dad: Okay. Spaghetti a la carte, and french fries.
Danny: What else can we offer?
Dad: Green beans???

Spaghetti, french fries and green beans were served in a little cafe in our living room this evening. A few of the patrons passed on the green beans, but the spaghetti and french fries were enjoyed by all in attendance.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow, at Last!

Much of the country has had so much snow and ice over the past few weeks, but here's it's been unbelievably warm - until now. We've finally gotten our first snowfall of the season, and it is entirely welcome! I thoroughly enjoyed watching my kids playing outside in it. The boys played pirates (don't ask me!) and Miss Lydia had the best time going down the sliding board and landing in the snow. Adorable! Even the dogs got a huge kick out of the white stuff. I built a fire in the fireplace and cooked a huge pot of chicken chili soup, then I went downstairs and worked on an ongoing project. It was a lovely day! All of the kids and dogs are now sleeping quite soundly, totally worn out from the excitement and adventure.

It's Sunday, so we were in church this morning. I had the opportunity to sing in a trio during worship. We sang the song, "My Beautiful One." Our pastor was totally pumped up and gave a tremendous, albeit short, sermon. God has given him a prophetic word that 2007 is to be a year of increase in our lives. It doesn't come without warning - if we walk in disobedience we can expect the repercussions of that to increase as well... Anyway, today he went through the Scriptures that showed different ways that God has brought increase in the past, and ways He promises to do so today... Increases in strength, knowledge, wisdom, love and opportunities to love, fruits of the Spirit, prosperity, health, years... I plan on reviewing the Scripture references tomorrow, and probably several times in the near future to get the full impact. I do treasure the Word of God!

I should really get off to bed. The roads are icy, so I do not expect to go anywhere tomorrow. I hope we will be able to get lessons done in short order so the kids can enjoy what is left of the snow. Here's hoping...

Friday, January 19, 2007

A New Day

I love it that every day is a new day. What a relief! I have the opportunity every day to do better at something, to try something new, to either forgive or correct the wrongs of the past, to bless somebody, to make a fantastic memory. Each day I have the opportunity to assess how well I am walking the Love walk, and usually to do something to make it better. Each day I have to opportunity to reach out to God and thank Him for the day He made, and to ask Him to help me live it the way I should.

And each day I usually miss so many of these opportunities.

Knowing that God knows me better than I know myself helps, of course, and I never want to take His grace for granted! It wouldn't be grace, then, would it? Still, having experienced His amazing grace makes it a whole lot easier to come to Him whenever I discover I have missed the mark (or when I'm finally ready to face up to that knowledge,) to ask forgiveness, and start moving forward again. How awesome is that! I do not take this lightly! This is the confidence that I have, that He created me, that He knows me, and still He loves me. Thank You, Lord!

Not sure why I wrote this... just soaking up the Love of the Lord, I guess!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I've been blogging at another site for several years, but I feel like it might be time to change it up. I will post on both for a while, then choose whichever one I like better to take over :)

I wrote this introduction to Me about three years ago. It still applies, so here I am...

Who Am I?
I am Child of God, woman, wife, mother.
I am musician. I am artist.
I appreciate the silences as well as the shouts.
I love tiny kittens
and big old dogs with floppy ears.
I am voyeur in a sense...
I love to watch my children when they play
or when they concentrate on some new problem.
I love to watch my baby struggle to stand on her own,
like her bigger brothers and sisters did before her,
appreciating how different it is with each one.
When I was a child,
I never dreamed I would marry or have babies or love to cook.
I never imagined how much pleasure I would get
out of making a quilt with my own hands
and scraps of fabric,
or the joy that would shine from the face of the person
who just received that quilt for their own.
When I grew up I began to understand
that I can do anything I set my mind to.
What I become is up to me.
What I fail to do
is because I have chosen not to do it.