Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Write It on the Wall

I am beyond thrilled to be able to attend church more regularly now. I have to give God the glory for taking my pain away New Year's Eve!

Pastor Carlton has been preaching about changing our attitudes: developing a WINNING attitude. As I was writing my 'year in review' blog post, I sensed God telling me that this is going to be a year of Victory- I think I even wrote that in there! I love it when He tells me something that He is telling others at the same time. The confirmation is SO uplifting!

Okay - back to the sermon this past Sunday. It was awesome, as it usually is. I thought I would record the parts of it that really jumped out at me here so that I can find it readily for review.

First and foremost, the best way to change for the better is to spend time with God. Dwelling in His presence changes me! He renews my mind, through his Word and His Spirit.

Pastor talked about Caleb (Numbers 13 and 14, and Joshua 1,) and how he had a RIGHT attitude, a WINNING attitude. He saw the giants just like everyone else, but he also saw the milk and honey, so to speak - the amazing land and produce. He knew that with God, they could take the land. Forty years later, when Israel finally entered Canaan, Caleb spotted the land he wanted for his family and took it. He had a winning attitude! Caleb had a can-do attitude!

When God looks at me, He sees every potential He created me to fulfill. He sees Himself in me. In order for me to walk in that potential, to fulfill the purpose He has for me, I need to listen to and obey the Holy Spirit, and meditate on the Word day and night.

What vision has God given to me? How many of His visions have I let go of simply because I don't remember them, or don't set out to walk in them? What am I believing God for in my own life and that of my family? Pastor's message was this: WRITE THE VISION! Write it on the walls!!! Keep the Word in front of your eyes. Then it is up to you to go in and possess the land. You will make your way prosperous, you will have good success! (Joshua 1)

Here are the six steps to success:

1) Have goals. What are you asking God for? What has He told you He has for you or wants you to do?
2) Write them down!!! Put them in the open where you an see them regularly - keep them in front of you. Write the vision!
3) Spell out a plan of action. Include a timetable! Set cumulative goals... this week, this month, this year... Your plan will, if you use any wisdom, dictate your choices.
4) Surround yourself with the right people. Successful, wise - bigger than you! Then, be teachable.
5) List the benefits and rewards that you will get as you press forward. In 1 Cor 16:9, Paul said that a great door [of opportunity] was open, but that there would inevitably be many adversaries. Have a Caleb spirit!
6) Talk about it! Praise God for it!

The whole goal-setting and planning aspect of success has been absent in my life. THIS is something I will change. Thanks, Pastor, for this amazing insight!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Home Cookin'

I love it when I have dinner ready for my honey when he gets home from work, and even better, so does he. No matter how hard a day he has had, the smell always cheers him up, and he heaps praises on me for the rest of the night. What a great way to end a day!