Saturday, July 28, 2007

All's Well

I was thinking about different things about each of my kids that makes me happy and thought I'd write some of them down. I *finally* have a notebook by my bed (out in the open!) so that I can record moments as they happen.

I love how Becki writes songs, everything about it. Beautiful instrumentation, beautiful words, beautiful voice, excellent message. I am amazed by the obvious supernatural favor bestowed on that kid! And when she dances before the Lord, I literally stand there with my jaw dropped watching her. I've never seen anything like it.

Rae's photography is amazing. She has quite the gift. It's breathtaking watching her at work, so full of confidence, so inspired in her sets, and it is amazing to me how well she deals with her clients. She looks very professional (she didn't get that from me!) yet when she is on a roll, you can see the little girl in her coming out to enjoy the fun of it. That's how I want to be when I grow up!

Josh is adorable. That young man is silly and sweet, and stronger than he thinks he is. He has an amazing heart. He actually brings me breakfast in bed on occasion! (He works nights.) There are so many precious things about him; today I am inspired by his way with animals. I have not seen an animal that has not just gone straight over to him and sat at his feet. It's like they KNOW he's safe and loving.

I am seeing new sides to Zack lately. He is really starting to take the "older brother" role a little more seriously, and is trying to prevent or quickly resolve arguments between siblings rather than causing them. He is blossoming, and is finally starting to relax and enjoy more of life. I love to hear him laugh!

Danny = fireball. He is a bundle of energy and strength. He runs around all day like the Tasmanian Devil, then all of a sudden comes over to cuddle time. Then he runs again. I love the spontaneous hugs! He is creative and is now keeping a sketch book. It's wonderful to see his mind at work in drawings.

Speed Racer, I mean, Stephen loves riding his bike and tending to his garden. He's alot more willing to try vegetables that HE actually grew! (Read: picky eater.) He is very strong on his bicycle, which I still consider miraculous. Now if I could just get him to be more faithful to wear his helmet. While I love seeing that bright blonde hair zooming around the yard, I'd rather see the blue helmet. (Yes, I do make him stop and put it on.) Ahhhh... boys.

One thing that has caught my attention lately about Lydia is that she sings alot. I haven't seen that in my kids for a while and I love it. She really blasts it in the shower (you GO, girl!) and makes up alot of the stuff she sings. She dances and spins and it makes me want to be 4 again. What a sweetie!

To sum up:
Becki worships
Rae shines
Joshua comforts
Zack laughs
Danny hugs
Stephen rides
Lydia sings

Life is Good.