Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Meeeeeeee

My husband and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary on the 23rd of October. Childcare was not to be found, so we decided to take the kids on a daytrip down Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We had a LOVELY day! I took photographs of the colorful fall leaves (my favorite thing about Skyline Drive, next to the bears.)

The color was amazing. Looking up, you could see the canopy of bright reds and yellows...

There were several places along the route that touched my heartstrings... park benches, unique tree groupings, plants... Jon and the kids worked on their orienteering skills and we had a picnic at Elkwallow Picnic Grounds. It was wonderful.

28 years. On one hand the time has flown by, but on the other, we sure have been through it! I am glad to have my honey and am looking forward to many, many more years together with him.

Thank You, God, for my husband and my family.

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Melinda said...

Happy Anniversary!! and glad to find you again on the internet! blessings for many more years to come!