Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Halfway through November - ALREADY???

In my mind, time truly does have wings. There is no other explanation, except maybe the fact that we in this day and age tend to have far too many things on our itineraries...

On the knitting front - I finished my Dr. Who Scarf. (Season 12.) I took it to church and this fine TALL young man wore it around - totally perfect! Let me see if I can find the pic...

So the scarf came out great! Very happy. Now I'm working on a sweater for my mother. Of course, I got 8" into the cabling pattern and realized I had made a mistake 4" back. I finally settled on frogging it (rip-it, rip-it,) and when I took the needles out to begin ripping, I decided I needed to make it in a smaller size. So, I ripped it all out and started over. Kinda lost some momentum at that point, but I'm working on getting it back.

On the classroom front - Ugh. *Too*much*stuff* I still have too many books, so I'm going through them to see what we can live without, lol. It's so hard to let go of books!!! On the brighter side, though, I recovered all but one of the chair seats that go in there and they look fabulous!!! One of the seats was particularly difficult to get the old layers of fabric and plastic off of, though, and I ended up wearing a blister into the palm of my hand - right in the middle. OWIE! So the last chair will wait until tomorrow.

On the family front - Becki is coming to visit on Friday, and I am anxiously awaiting her arrival! It will be so wonderful to see my babygirl. I know Rachel is excited, too!!! She will stay through Thanksgiving, and I suspect there is Black Friday mayhem in store for us.

Have I ever mentioned that I *hate* to go shopping? I also *hate* crowds. Going Black Friday shopping is 100% sacrifice for me, but I will do it for them :) I won't have any money, though... Is that weird or what?!?!?! (Note to self: take your cell phone this time!)

On the church front - I have played the bass guitar during worship for the past few weeks, and it is coming back to me. Hallelujah!!! I totally LOVE doing this! I'm severely out of practice (it's been about 5 years since I played last) but it is coming back. YES!

On the home front - our new residence is feeling like HOME now. I do love this old house - I feel like it was made for us. I don't know how long we'll be able to stay here, as is true whenever you rent someone else's house, but I am quite happy here. Thank God for a new lease on life, and for giving me the opportunity to take my life back! Feels like healing to me...

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Amy said...

WOW!!!! I love that photo! All he needs is a hat! What a great job you did on that scarf!

Think Matt Smith will get on the scarf train this season? I mean, he's got the Fez and bow-tie, but still. It would be cool to see a new Doctor bring it back.